Hi, I'm Jane.

My background is in psychology - it has been ever so useful in my coding & design journey, and life in general.

I strive to use code as a medium to inspire, allow people to explore the wonders of the world, and in doing so, learn more about about themselves in their ever-changing environments. Ultimately, I want to contribute to the advancement in the quality, accessability, and delivery of e-learning, focusing on designing methods of online instruction and interaction, as well as adaptation to learners' needs.

I find myself inspired the most when I least expect it. It's a gradual process, and I allow myself to trust and follow it to see where it leads me. It's usually an amalgamation of things experienced, observed, felt (emotionally and physically), imagined, read, created, and conversed about at one point in time, coalescing into what one could call an idea. It's in this, the early stages in conceptualising intentions, that I feel most invigorated and revel in the process of making it a reality.