Jane Kim

Jane Kim

Tribunus Plebis

Chino Hills, CA, US
909 450 7666
English, Korean




Jane is a champion for the people with professional coding, QA, and technical support experience. She has an affinity for problem-solving, organisation, and working on multiple projects concurrently. She thrives in cooperative environments, but will also provide significant results with solo tasks. She's especially apt in adapting to different roles, learning the skills required, and getting things done.`
Jane is a firm believer that happiness is a key indicator for success and that it holds true across various situations: interactions (is the other person walking away with a positive feeling?), work (are team members eager to exchange ideas and learn from one another?), and projects/products (are users delighted that you've helped make their lives easier?).

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Senior Quality Assurance AnalystSquarespace

    Apr, 2020 - Present

    Part of the Scheduling team at Squarespace.

    Role created for internal hire specifically for the Scheduling team with the purpose of creating a formal QA process from the ground up, aligning with Squarespace's QA team. This includes formal QA workflows for both large projects and ad-hoc testing.

    • Developing and iterating on formal process for QA lifecycle for larger projects:

    • Outlining the steps necessary to initiate a QA project (e.g. testing new mobile app), the roles of stakeholders in the lifecycle of the project, and what to expect at each step.

    • Creating a QA manual for the Scheduling team.

    • Holding and leading meetings for QA projects, ensuring all participants are on the same page.

    • Setting up resources for communication and project/bug tracking (e.g. Slack channels, Jira board).

    • Creating test plan templates.

    • Outlining steps to take for asking for ad-hoc testing.

    • Leading QA Projects:

    • Setting up projects in Jira (e.g. Epic) once QA project has been initiated and submitted through the Service Desk in alignment with Squarespace QA.

    • Leading Advisors, who signed up for a manual QA side-track, in testing efforts and career growth.

    • Creating and assigning bug tickets from testing efforts; communicating with the developers on the project.

    • Investigating necessary information for project efficacy.

    • Creating test plans for manual tester(s) to follow.

    • Analysing data once QA projects are finished (time tracking, bug reporting, improvements).

    • Communicating with involved parties about bugs, questions on functionality, timelines, and further testing of additional features (if applicable).

    • Automation:

    • Vetting previously-created Ghost Inspector tests to move into CI pipeline.

    • Writing automation tests for web app (Scheduling - Acuity) using Cypress.io.

    • Setting up automation for mobile (Scheduling - Acuity) using Detox.

  • Senior Product Support SpecialistSquarespace

    Apr, 2019 - Apr, 2020

    Working on the Scheduling team at Squarespace.

    • Development:

    • Help with bug fixes for user interface.

    • Enhance features and functionality in backend for better user experience, namely, adding logic (PHP).

    • Help with investigation tickets from the developer Jira and Trello boards.

    • Quality Assurance:

    • Act as one of the QA leads, namely the automation expert, to help overhaul Acuity QA process.

    • Manage manual QA support side-track advisors to help guide testing.

    • Added templates for test plans to use for manual testing.

    • Help test new features for release.

    • Maintain and improve Ghost Inspector tests (browser testing on production).

    • Act as liaison between Acuity and Squarespace QA team.

    • Advocated for Cypress for testing automation framework for E2E testing; implemented by one of the developers.

    • Write Cypress tests and push up to code base.

    • Lead automation for mobile testing using Cavy.

    • Support:

    • Provide technical support (tier 3) for issues that come through from customer support advisors.

    • Provide API and development support for users of Acuity.

    • Create bug and investigation tickets for issues that come through support.

    • Act as a bridge between customer support advisors and development team.

    • Track trends from users and customer support team.

    • Lead bi-weekly meetings for support team that deals with more difficult questions from users.

    • Write custom scripts for users to customise look, feel, and functionality of public scheduling pages.

    • Provide CSS customisation help for customer support advisors when users write in.

    • Feedback Support:

    • Work with UI team in Asana.

    • Test triaged tickets, that deal with feedback about functionality, within Asana.

    • Report bugs to fix, UI improvement suggestions, and edge cases.

    • Internal Documentation:

    • Lead for the internal documentation project using Confluence.

    • Create and update documentation.

    • Create training documentation for new hires.

    • Migrate internal information from Lessonly.

    • Create training documents used for training new customer support advisors.

    • Work with technical writer and other customer support advisors/managers to overhaul internal information.

  • Happiness DeveloperAcuity Scheduling

    Oct, 2018 - Apr, 20196 months

    Hybrid role created by the CEO for developing skills outside of customer support and utilise technical knowledge.

    • Support:

    • Member of the "Challenging" team to help customer support team with more technical issues (Tier 3 support)

    • Helped customers with API questions and custom integration questions

    • Write custom scripts for users to customise look, feel, and functionality of public scheduling pages.

    • Provide CSS customisation help for customer support advisors when users write in.

    • Helped with training new hires.

    • Development:

    • Assisted with bug fixes and UI changes by taking ownership of development tickets in Trello.

    • Reviewed code before any code changes are merged into master.

    • Added functionality to Help Scout (email support application) to display more information about user accounts at a glance to help the customer support team.

    • Quality Assurance:

    • Manually tested features (to be released and those already released) to ensure seamless experience for users.

    • Maintained and improved automated testing set up in Ghost Inspector.

    • Created automated tests in Ghost Inspector on as-needed basis.

  • Customer Happiness SpecialistAcuity Scheduling

    Feb, 2017 - Oct, 20181 year 7 months

    Customer support expert.

    • Helped customers via email support; answered pre-sales questions, account set-up suggestions based on business needs, and technical questions.

    • Provided support to the support team by adding shortcuts not native to Help Scout via Tampermonkey.

    • Provided CSS customisation support to users and support team.

    • Helped with training new support team hires.

  • Web Development & Customer Success ContractorHunter

    May, 2016 - Aug, 20163 months

    Feature lead for help center and point of contact for support queries.

    • Architected and set up the help center portion of Email Hunter's site so customers could have access to answers of several frequently asked questions without relying solely on a reply from myself or my two coworkers.

    • Implemented FAQ & FAQ Category sections in the admin console so the team could easily CRUD the questions/answers and their respective categories.

    • Compiled and categorised questions for the help center, based on data collected from providing support to customers.

    • Collaborated with teammates frequently to discuss improvements regarding the service, user experience, and feature needs.

  • Software Consultant, S.A.V.E. Inc

    Jul, 2013 - May, 20151 year 9 months

    Hired on contract to increase efficiency for other engineers by assisting in updating DOS software to Visual Basic for purposes of instrument control and data acquisition.

    • Consulted on best software choice for upgrading old software.

    • Compiled and wrote documentation on how to configure VB software to connect to different measurement instruments (i.e. power meter).

    • Added in write-to-file and save features to existing VB software.

    • Made workflow more efficient through research and learning (i.e. how to make instruments communicate with computer using different ports), teaching (i.e. commented on example software code so others can use it when writing new software; how to use VB so old quick basic software can be converted and new software can be written).

    • Commented code for newly acquired instruments (and old) used in electronics testing, namely figuring out libraries and variables to use in order to communicate with instruments (power meters, etc.) and be able to receive some kind of output (i.e. readings from instruments) after sending an input command.

  • Graphic Design InternSideChef

    Sep, 2014 - Dec, 20142 months

    Provided community development and marketing teams with design and technical assistance for promotional projects.

    • Designed and coded responsive e-mail template for community newsletters.

    • Updated and designed social media headers to promote app availability on new platforms.

    • Jumpstarted initial phases for site re-design (chose layout and imported some existing materials).

    • Created promotional graphics for events.

  • Jr. QA EngineerLiferay

    Aug, 2013 - Jun, 201410 months

    Performed general software testing for Liferay's portal software on several combinations of app servers + environments + databases and was a main member of the team that launched the e-commerce Marketplace for Liferay.

    • Wrote automated tests for Liferay's portal software using Selenium and Webdriver.

    • Worked with community developers to get their submitted apps on the Marketplace.

    • Checked submitted apps for compatibility -- smoke test and ensure there's no interference with portal software.

    • Updated and uploaded compatible apps to marketplace and submitted metadata changes for Liferay apps ready for release.

    • Designated person for troubleshooting Solr (connecting different versions to Liferay) -- worked with the support team and their clients.



  • Tools
    VimVisual Studio CodeTerminalJetbrains SoftwarePostman SlackConfluence
  • Issue Tracking
  • QA
    FigmaAutomationManual TestingCypress.ioCreating Test PlansDocumentation
  • Development
    HTML/CSSjQueryJavascriptRuby/RoRPHPAPI Support
  • Soft Skills
    Effective communicationOrganisationAbstract thinkingTeam mentalityQuick learnerExtremely detail-orientedAdaptableComfort with context-switching


  • Computer Science, University of Illinois, Springfield

    Aug, 2017 - Present

  • UX Research & Design, Apprenticeship, Bloc

    Jan, 2015 - Sep, 2015

  • Psychology, Bachelor of Arts, University of California, Riverside

    Sep, 2008 - Sep, 2012

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Development Volunteer, Venice Family Clinic

    Oct, 2012 - Jul, 2013

    Assisted in both the medical records department and the development department.

    • Organised patient records and updated records accordingly with test results and paperwork

    • Worked with graphic designer to prepare materials for print and web for the Venice Art Walk (promotions, signs and information sheets for event)

  • Health Volunteer, Loma Linda University Medical Center

    Sep, 2011 - Jun, 2012

    Assisted staff and patients in the E.R.

    • Ensured there was no shortage in medical supplies for caregivers in all rooms of the department

    • Assisted staff with paperwork - organising, filing, putting together paperwork for patients

    • Handled medical files within the department - ensure they correctly get to the right caregiver, sorting by case status



  • Student Essay - Nickel and Dimed Evaluation, Bedford Books

    Published on: Invalid date

    Student essay, submitted by college English professor, published in Sticks and Stones and Other Student Essays (7th Edition), evaluating the novel Nickel and Dimed (written by Barbara Ehrenreich).



  • Nicole Geosits, Custops Manager @ Squarespace, Email: ngeosits@squarespace.com
  • Jordan Vartanian, Software Engineer @ Squarespace, Email: jvartanian@squarespace.com
  • Fortècia Smith, Advisor @ Squarespace, Email: fsmith@squarespace.com
  • Antoine Finkelstein, Co-founder @ Hunter

    Working with Jane at Email Hunter was a great pleasure. As a success engineer, she managed to be effectively manage communications with clients. In a matter of days, she was handling dozens of requests per day, allowing us to maximize the conversion rates and avoiding churn. Her writing fitted perfectly with the tone of the company. At the same time, every message was precise and answered the question of the user. Being also skilled in design and web development, Jane quickly started helping on the development of our service. She was able to carry out full projects from the concept to the deployment. The technical side was well done and the code produced was well tested and maintainable. At the same time, Jane has a passion for design, which she applied to iterate on the UX to end up with best version for the users. This was possible considering her skills in Javascript. On a more personal level, Jane was great to work with. She is a great communicator and made every interaction with her a breeze. Her enthusiasm and ability to adapt to the goals of the company were exactly what we expected. We couldn’t have asked for more. I warmly recommend Jane and I am confident she would be a great asset to any team.

  • Jeffrey Yang, QA Engineer @ Liferay, Inc.

    Jane is an extremely hard worker and able to handle and learn at an incredible rate. I managed Jane during her time at Liferay, we worked together directly and on a daily basis. During that time Jane had a drive and a passion to improve all aspect of the QA process. I was impressed by how quickly she was able to learn and improve upon existing processes. She was instrumental in setting up and streamlining our automated servers. Her drive to improve was reflected not only in challenging tasks but extended to all aspects of her work. Assigning work to her guaranteed that it would be finished in a timely manner and would be of the highest quality. I heartily recommend Jane and her work at Liferay is still felt. Jane was a solid member of the team and is missed.